Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gimme 5

Give me 5 Things you're grateful for today...

And I will give you mine. :)

1) I'm grateful for my amazing mother who has always been there for me. Even when I was crazy and throwing clothing hangers everywhere and putting my fist into walls--she loved me anyways. Her and I are super close but recently it's been hard to find time to get together. So tonight Rich and I are taking her and her boyfriend to dinner :). First time meeting Mr Anthony, should be fun.
2) I'm grateful for my home with my boyfriend. And the food in the fridge. And our amazing kitty Dr Bob. I'm grateful that my boyfriend is always super thoughtful and awesome. I'm grateful that I have a car that gives me a simpler way to get to work, school, muay thai, and meetings, etc.
3) I'm grateful for all my fantastic friends who bring great joy and light into my life. They are all so truly fun and neat in their own ways and are sure to bring a smile to my face...followed with an up roaring laughter.
4) I'm grateful for Miss Molly, who guides me and whose advice is always on track with what I need to hear at the time. I'm grateful she is in my life and is a good friend to me.
5) I'm grateful, I currently have a kitty attacking my hand as I type rapidly :). I'm grateful to be working two jobs and to be in school. And I am so super grateful for the sugar free red bull sitting next to me right now.
NOW Give me YOUR 5!



  1. 1) Grateful for my awesome boyfriend because even dealing with long distance, we still make it through and now a days it's just hard to find.
    2)I'm grateful to have the most understanding, amazing family and twin brother in the world. They're always supporting me no matter what and I've learned a lot from having a brother with Autism. He's so sweet, funny, and nice.
    3) I'm grateful for my wonderful friends. They're always getting me through and sometimes you just need people there for you at the end of they day and they sure are.
    4) Thankful that I have a decent car that I can take anywhere.
    5) Happy to live in a nice area with a roof over my head and food in the fridge.

    Nicole :-)

  2. 1. grateful for my son
    2.grateful for my son ( yes it twice cuz if it wasnt for him being so cute and a pain in my butt i would be lost)
    3. grateful for coffee/caffeine/ and daiquiris
    4.grateful for being able to go out to eat and having a great time/ great food
    5. grateful for my parents
    not in a specific order..

  3. 1. Living in San Francisco
    2. People like Breezy
    3. My friends & family
    4. Good bowel movements!
    5. Lazy days

  4. I am grateful for :


    2. My relationship with my Higher Power, and how it just keeps getting stronger, better, deeper...

    3. Waking up with you every day!

    4. My license/career as a registered nurse, and path of continuing education toward ARNP (nurse practicioner).

    5. Everything I have ever experienced, good and bad, as to be used to help others...

  5. 1. The knowledge I have that God exists and that he is very much involved with and interested in my life.
    2. My job and the financial freedom it gives me to do REALLY FUN THINGS!
    3. The ability to see the needs of other people and HELP.
    4. Really good soups.
    5. Living in Utah where I can snowboard in less than 20 minutes, 5 months out of the year!