Friday, May 13, 2011

false alarm.

That was not the boyfriend getting out of the car. Now I have another minute to write my "gimme 5".

The five things I'm grateful for today, to help keep me in check and grounded!

And click on this song while you read, good stuff :)

1) Ani DiFranco, because she is simply amazing and inspires me. She is bold and has a moral compass that she will not let bend.

2) My kitty Dr. Bob, who is so splendid and always knows when I need some lovin'. When he meows, most of the time it is very loud and in my ear...Or my favorite is when he "coos" around the house and it sounds like my boyfriend let a pigeon in the back door!

3) My Art Appreciation Professor, Prof Connor Goodman, because he is excited and passionate about both art and teaching. And has some pretty sweet drawings/mixed media online. Which totally makes me excited to ask him about them next Friday class! It is just so damn refreshing to see professors who are really enthusiastic, encourage YOU to THINK and use your brain(what a concept), and care!

4) I'm super grateful for my mother because she is awesome and loves me...Even when I turn to her new boyfriend and shout I HATE YOU. Which makes her even more wonderful.

5) The truth is, I am grateful for so much in my life! I just cannot get enough of it! I'm super grateful to have such an awesome thoughtful boyfriend in my life. Who helps me study and edits my papers. Who saves me the parking spot closest to the apt, so I don't have to park in the guest spots. Just all the little things that make my day that much more fantastic. Like when I come home and he has a ton of postcards and little cards/stationary for me waiting on the table. And the best part about that, is that he got all these cards at such an amazing deal because unfortunately Borders was going out of biz... It is just so nice to have someone to share life's precious moments with. Thanks for being my best friend Rich.

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