Friday, May 13, 2011

false alarm.

That was not the boyfriend getting out of the car. Now I have another minute to write my "gimme 5".

The five things I'm grateful for today, to help keep me in check and grounded!

And click on this song while you read, good stuff :)

1) Ani DiFranco, because she is simply amazing and inspires me. She is bold and has a moral compass that she will not let bend.

2) My kitty Dr. Bob, who is so splendid and always knows when I need some lovin'. When he meows, most of the time it is very loud and in my ear...Or my favorite is when he "coos" around the house and it sounds like my boyfriend let a pigeon in the back door!

3) My Art Appreciation Professor, Prof Connor Goodman, because he is excited and passionate about both art and teaching. And has some pretty sweet drawings/mixed media online. Which totally makes me excited to ask him about them next Friday class! It is just so damn refreshing to see professors who are really enthusiastic, encourage YOU to THINK and use your brain(what a concept), and care!

4) I'm super grateful for my mother because she is awesome and loves me...Even when I turn to her new boyfriend and shout I HATE YOU. Which makes her even more wonderful.

5) The truth is, I am grateful for so much in my life! I just cannot get enough of it! I'm super grateful to have such an awesome thoughtful boyfriend in my life. Who helps me study and edits my papers. Who saves me the parking spot closest to the apt, so I don't have to park in the guest spots. Just all the little things that make my day that much more fantastic. Like when I come home and he has a ton of postcards and little cards/stationary for me waiting on the table. And the best part about that, is that he got all these cards at such an amazing deal because unfortunately Borders was going out of biz... It is just so nice to have someone to share life's precious moments with. Thanks for being my best friend Rich.


Here's the deal, I have all these things I would love to do, be, have, etc. However I can never seem to stick with some of the things I love the most. Although I'm not writing on here to become the next big writer... Just simply for a space to discuss life and the happenings of it. Having a blog encouraged me to write every day or weekly at least for a little while. But then like many other things I enjoy I got too damn busy for it. Or forgot. And then there was laundry to do. Or both of my full time jobs to run off too. Perhaps I went to grab coffee with friends and enjoy real genuine amazing human connection rather than typing into the cyper world... So either way I found some other thing to do. So for over a month I haven't just done a written rant. No gratitude lists blasted into the cyberspace. Just little ole' me writing lists on papers and throwing them somewhere into my bag. Where they go next, who knows.  But at least for a brief moment I got a thought out. I reminded myself of something whether it was to get cat food, a line from my favorite poem, things I could improve, or perhaps who I needed to make amends to for being a jerk.

Speaking of being a jerk. I was so childish the other day and I am quite embarrassed by my actions. The story is basically, one thing led to another...before I knew it I was in front of the house I lived in when I was 8 years old(which is now green and has a pool and some other strange family living in it), with my mother, boyfriend, and her new boyfriend. And guess who happened to jump out of her car and leave her purse and her keys in the car? That's right, this one <--. So that was a good start. The next genius thing I decided to do, was rudely snap at Anthony when he said something ridiculous... And then, get ready, the unbelievable happened! I said "I hate you, too!", yes, outloud and with an very intense death stare I'm sure. Which was followed by my poor boyfriend saying "Uhh, I'll call AAA." It's true I said those words to some dude I don't even really know. But what I do know is, he is way too conservative, has an insincere vibe, and is too charming to be up to any good. I know I sound silly, trust me I know. But REALLY, he has that "jerk energy" like "ewwww, I cannot even take it to sit next to you for one more minute at this amazing restaurant!!" Can you believe I said "I hate you"? Ha, and it's not like I've had this relationship with this man for very long. I've literally spoken on the phone with him a few times(when my mother forced the phone at me), had dinner with him at Chima, and well yea, that might be all. BUT I KNOW, he is up to know good. I mean don't YOU know that I am ALL KNOWING and ALWAYS right? Duh. I mean how completely foolish and immature of me. However that phrase was the best pick out of the many lines running though my head. My plan at the time was to read of the whole script I had for him. The script was essentially just a brutal character assassination. Which I so badly wanted to spit out! Followed by my fist having a date with his face... So I suppose that the "I hate you" was better than his other options. I mean if I was him and I was given multiple choice...I would choose that simple loaded sentence. So, now I need to try to make that right. Puke. Sooooo not willing to do so right now... But perhaps in the future. I hope so. But forget about him.

I'm taking all these amazing classes this summer! 21 credits of pure awesomeness!! I'm not so much digging the math classes, but so it goes. I love my anthro, french, and art class this session! And I am super pumped for the oceanography lab that starts in about 5 weeks!

And uhhhh, UTAH IN AUGUST?!!?! HECK YA. See all my Utah peeps soon! I cannot wait.

I made dinner and I'm pretty sure I just heard my boyfriend's car door shut. That is my cue to exit stage left. Hope all is well with you. And may you have fun on all your adventures!

Happy Trails!

p.s. I heard this cover today and I love it more and more with each listen. ENJOY!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What's the Story Morning Glory?

And here's the song to match...

So effin' awesome...and grateful. Just sayin.

I am so blessed.
My boyfriend took me to see Wicked at the Broward Center. It was so awesome and fun... I mean come on, it was WICKED!

I might have the pleasure this summer to do MichaelaCO. :) And be this little cutie's Nanny...How amazing? Need I say more about how I am so blessed, lucky, grateful????
After my massage and realignment(thank god), I saw my mom for coffee at her house and chatted for an hour before I left for work... How unbelievable that her and I get along so well... That was not always the case.
And last night I had the opportunity to teach my boyfriend some basics of kayaking... AND PLAY AROUND in my Jackson Little Hero! SO fantastic!!! Even just playing around in the pool refueled my soul... Good stuff. I miss wearing my Sweet helmet ;)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chicks Rule :)

And of course I miss the chicks at White Mountain School. ...

Mi the best

 Mi madre and Me. Gosh I love this woman. She is so phenomenal! I mean just look at that face!!

Take me Home

These are from my adventures in Utah.
 This is glorious Utah.
 I miss you liser. A lot. In case you haven't noticed ;)
 Freakin' bananas!!

Such wonderful, delightful people.... I miss them!